Welcome to our farm

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi

Happy Belly Farm is a not for profit organization that has grown and donated more than 13 tons of chemical free food in Colorado since 2011. We donate 100% of our crops to Food Banks across Colorado.

Raise a steer...

  • If you are in the local 4-H club and want to raise a steer on the property or a few pigs in exchange for a portion of the meat please contact us at  bill@happybellyfarm.org  

Dear Friends of Happy Belly Farm

Now that the holidays are over and I begin to prepare for the 2015 growing season I thought I would bring you up to date on the 2014 growing season. With the help of Luther Wilson, Adam Kaniss and their wonderful families, 2014 was a fabulous year. The farm again donated over 13 tons of fresh, chemical free, vegetables to those in need throughout the Denver metropolitan area! 2014 was the first year that I started all of the plants from seed indoors using the basement of the farm house as my green house. With no prior farming experience when I first started five years ago, I learn more every year and, with the help of volunteers, the Farm just keep increasing it's donations each year to those in need.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to Way To Grow for their generous support of the Farm as they share our passion for helping the elderly and children in our community who, through no fault of their own, do not have access to the wonderful, healthy foods that we all enjoy.

Also a special thanks to The Denver Botanic Gardens who, in collaboration with the Farm, arrive at the farm twice a week to clean the vegetables and then deliver them to the elderly and families with children who live in Denver Housing.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you, the friends of Happy Belly Farm, who have supported the Farm's mission throughout the past year. I promise that your support has made a significant impact in the fight against hunger and childhood obesity throughout the Denver metropolitan area.

Thank you again to all - 2015 is going to be another fabulous year. -Bill